Our Ambassadogs

Our Ambassadogs


She is Olivia, most known as 'la Olly'. She is a 11 months old chocolate Cocker Spaniel. She is pure joy, sympathy and cuteness. She loves to go on walkies in the mountains, but also stay curled up on the sofa with her mum and dad. A very good thing she is good at is posing for the camera in exchange of biscuits. She is very happy to be on our Mia&co crew! 


Alhambra is a sweet red toy Poodle. She is a little fluffy ball who was born in Málaga, but she lives in Barcelona. Her original name is in honor of the famous monument in Granada. She loves her family walks, lots of cuddles, treats and to stay on trend all the time! She is an expert in stealing not just socks, but also hearts! She is very happy to be part of our team!


She is Maple, the colour of autumn Cockapoo. She is the leader of her pack of humans. She loves to run like the wind, eats the treats and dig holes near the river. She is a comfy dog who likes to sleep in the bed, and if a toy ain't squeaky she is not interested. Welcome to Mia&Co Ambassadogs team!


The 'Pelosini' are three little furry ones named Kiwi (chocolate one), Bloom (cream one), and Blueberry (black one). They are long-haired Chihuahuas. They love so much to go for walks in nature, sleep under blankets (either doggy ones or human ones), and play with their favourite toys; and of course, their favorite thing to do is to give mommy and daddy lots of cuddles all the time! What a pawsome trio we got on our team! 


Indy is a fluffy toy Cavapoo living in the UK. He loves food, treats, toys and learning new tricks, (mostly because of the yummy treats). People often thinks he looks like a teddy bear. He is very happy to be part of our expanded crew!


This gorgeous boy is 'Happy White Mocha', better known as Mocha, (yes, like the Italian coffee). He is a Samoyed born on June'22. He lives in the south of Spain. He loves going to the park and to the beach. He is a very sleepy and a very affectionate puppy. His best description: 'Sweet like white chocolate, and intense like coffee'. Sometimes he is mistaken for a stuffed animal. He is delighted to be part of Mia&Co team!


Suna is a little Cocker Spaniel living un Burgundy, France. She was born on November 23rd 2021 at the “Eyes of Osiris” breeding. She is a good girl full of life and nonsense too! Her favorite thing in the world is to go running by the pond and her adventures in the forest! She lives with her two humans, her two cats and her chicks. She adores “her twin” Mia! And she absolutely loves to be one of our Ambassadogs!


Dobby is a happy and lively little Frenchie puppy with a big personality, who loves going outside playing, but also won’t turn down the chance for a cuddle. He is getting used to going on walks and he loves to wear his very first walking sets from Mia&Co!


Lana is a teen girl trapped in a puppy soul. She loves her pawrents and eating chicken, in equal parts. She is very photogenic, that is why she does modeling 24/7, (always in exchange for prizes). She was born in Mallorca, but she is “living la vida loca” in Berlin! She is the happiest Bodeguera Andaluza because she is part of our team!


Susy is a Cocker Spaniel puppy, known as “little Ravioli”. She also earned the tittle of “snuggle-queen”! She loves to discover new places, where she poses in exchange for prizes and extra cuddles. She is so happy to be a member of Mia&Co crew!


Churros is an Italian girl, born in Florence, but living in Savona with her pawrents and her best friend Pluto, a 13 years old rescued Cocker. She is a little hurricane, she never stops running, playing, chewing, digging or swimming every time she has the chance! She even won a freestyle water competition, cause no-one can stop her if she sees a pool or the sea. She is just in love with Mia&Co accessories and very excited to be our very first Italian Rep!


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